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Signature Spiridon


Tournai, January 18, 2018


To remember :
   - Stand Maison & Object - Ephemeral Showroom
   - Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center - 17 Place des Vosges 75004 PARIS
   - 19/1/18 to 22/1/2018 - from 18/01/2018 to 28/01/2018 = 10 days
   - Presentation of the collection SPIRIDON creations and novelties 2018
JANUARY 2018 : Despite more than 10 years of presence, lack of time and the desired stand: SPIRIDON LIGHT will not be at MAISON & OBJET for this edition. But, better, SPIRIDON LIGHT will exhibit its creations and novelties in an ephemeral showroom rented in Le Marais in Paris.

This deliberate choice makes it possible to welcome our international customers in a quality framework, in good conditions, in a well-known and easily accessible place in Paris, ... and in the recent and current tradition of Fashion Week in the Marais.

This space of nearly 100m² on 2 levels allows to expose the creations and novelties of SPIRIDON luminaries: suspensions, wall sconces, lamps on peid, ceiling lights, ... created from Asfour crystal, alabaster, woven metal , pearls, ...

NEW CREATIONS 2017 - 2018

KLING Suspension Spiridon KLING

Asfour crystal chandelier in the shape of a destructured moon.
Indirect lighting protected by woven metal.
Available as a suspension or a lamp on Foot

Lien :
PALMA - Lampadaire Spiridon PALMA

Floor lamp or lamp on Crystal Asfour and Alabaster foot.
Interior lighting - Yellow or black alabaster

Lien :
OJOUR - Luminaire - Spiridon OJOUR

Crystal lamp lamp Asfour and Alabaster evoking sunflower.
Indirect Lighting - Yellow Alabaster Disk.
Available in suspensions, ceiling lights, wall sconces and floor lamps

Lien :
ZALZOUL Suspension Spiridon ZALZOUL

Suspension of 2 rings of Asfour crystal and woven metal.
Interior lighting - Plated woven metal

Lien :
Balenga - Suspension - Spiridon BALENGA

Circular suspension in woven metal and crystal Asfour.
Interior lighting - Plated woven metal

Lien :
Galerie SPIRIDON Paris 2018
A PROPOS : Since 1989, Tarek and Nadim SPIRIDON, the youngest and the oldest, develop and create jewels, glassware, pottery, objects and luminaries in a traditional way. The SPIRIDON family is at the initiative, in the year 60, of the development of furniture and objects of creators in Belgium and in the North of France.

Over the years, the know-how and the creation developed around the design of the light by the development of a collection with the SPIRIDON label. Internationally recognized by contemporary designers and architects, luminaries are staged in hotels, restaurants, prestigious buildings, ....

2018 is the year of the renewal of SPIRIDON LIGHT by the reinforcement of the teams, the development of the creative interactivity via the new web site which allows our customers to exchange in direct link with the creators and the craftsmen.  

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