The 3/10/17 at the end of SPIRIDON S.A. because of administrative and financial difficulties. against the will of Nadim SPIRIDON. Maître Gauthier LEFEBVRE in Tournai-Belgique can give you all the useful information.

35 years of experience, creativity, material and immaterial assets have been taken over entirely by a new team: Jess WINDELS, Tarek SPIRIDON and Nadim SPIRIDON.

SPIRIDON LIGHT is restarting in 2018 in a new state of mind: quality, creativity and service.

The new company is committed to being attentive to each customer by offering a new interactivity and a better communication.

Nadim remains his position, in creation and artisanal production.

For old friends, we are committed to offering special benefits in the context of new business relationships.

See you soon and have a good day.


PS: COPYRIGHT, If need be remembered, ... All photos and images produced by SPIRIDON are protected and are therefore not free of rights. Thank you for respecting the creators.